Her Own Rules Barbara Taylor Bradford

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Her Own Rules  by  Barbara Taylor Bradford

Her Own Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford
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For years Id seen her books lying on the shelves, and wondered what they were like. So finally I checked out HER OWN RULES by Barbara Taylor Bradford from the library.I was hoping for something steamy and scandalous, like a powerful older woman who sleeps with much younger men, does shots of whiskey, wears jeans, rides motorcycles . . . you know, her own rules.Uh . . . no.Meredith has a bunch of inns she runs around the world.

Apparently they are massively successful because shes a real genius at decorating. Like, lets put a bunch of flowers on the hallway table. So shes a millionaire. And she has two grown children who call every day or two just to tell her they adore her and shes the perfect mother. Merediths children behave just like children in real life.Meredith has a boyfriend names Luc. Hes French, incredibly wealthy, has his own chateau, and has a natural eye for flower arrangements and curtain patterns. In otherwords, hes got nothing! But sometimes nothing can be a mighty cool hand.So one day, Meredith begins to cry for no reason.

Just sobbing away, moaning the blues. And she has memories, mysterious memories from the past. And she wants answers. And so the quest begins!I would definitely recommend this book to women who love reading about women who love exquisite interior decor and flower arrangements and long, slow, endless novels where not much happens except at the very beginning and the very end.

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